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Launched in 2010 as a spin-off from AuCOFFRE.com, LinGOLD.com is an online platform for private investors across Europe (including France, Switzerland, Italy, and the UK) to buy and sell vault stored gold coins & bullion. The group now includes LingORO.com (Spanish) and currently holds over three tonnes of gold and 300,000 coins for more than 15,000 customers.


LinGOLD.com was launched to offer private investors an alternative way of purchasing, storing and selling gold coins & bullion. Through its online platform, LinGOLD.com provides its customers with instant access to a community of gold coin & bullion buyers and sellers, which ensures guaranteed demand and supply.  As a result of the volume of sales, LinGOLD.com is able to offer investors a better quality of service with the most comprehensive and realistic live coin prices system in Europe, as prices are based on real data.


LinGOLD.com’s commitment to doing things differently is exemplified through its ‘Vera Valor’ gold coin.  The ‘Vera Valor’ is the first ethically produced coin made from “clean extraction” gold, which is 100% traceable from mine-to-mint.


LinGOLD.com’s vault storage facility is based in the highly secured facility of Geneva Freeport and is independently audited to ensure total propriety and counterparty.