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...the guarantee of your physical Gold in our vaults!


Since its creation, LinGOLD.com has been committed to providing its members with maximum transparency following our professional ethics coupled with strong and sincere morals.  We are worldwide pioneers with our business model with a dynamism and responsiveness which allows us to listen to our members and they can be confident of our responsiveness.

With a commitment to transparency, independence and total control of our logistics, we have engaged the services of the ALS group to audit our vaults and perform checks to ensure our members of the presence of their precious metals in our vaults.

ALS Inspection (formerly known as the Stewart Group Global Inspection & Analysis,  www.stewartgroupglobal.com) is a major player in the inspection, testing and certification arena.  Since 1978, the ALS Group has specialised in the inspection, weighing, sampling and analysis of metals, minerals and ores, precious metals and solid fuels.  ALS has a worldwide network of certified laboratories, applying advanced technology to ensure accurate analysis and certification.


Download the latest audit report from ALS
“Proof of Compliance – Official Vault Audit” 12th February 2015