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  • Why buy Gold?

Gold is not a metal like the others. As an example, more than 3,000 tonnes of Gold are held by the French which is more than the Bank of France itself! Utilised by all civilisations for the last 6,000 years, Gold remains relevant today, and many analysts still see Gold as the safe haven par excellence, the only one capable of ensuring the safety of its heritage.

Good reasons to invest in Gold

  • Ultimate refuge of wealth in case of crisis

    Gold has a rare and unalterable value. It has always been the universal instrument to store value. Its purchasing power has remained intact over time.
  • The best tangible asset to diversify your portfolio

    The price of Gold is disconnected from other assets (stocks, bonds). Do not put all your eggs in one basket – diversify your portfolio.
  • An efficient investment

    Gold is a dynamic asset that has experienced a rise over the last 10 years: +15% on average. This increase will not stop until the interest rates are much higher as the Euro and Dollar continue to lose their value.
  • An investment with strong potential to increase

    Demand for physical Gold is growing and largely outstrips supply. In times of economic and monetary crises, experts agree that potential growth remains strong.
  • A tax-efficient investment

    All investment Gold products are exempt from VAT. Likewise, there are Capital Gains Tax efficiencies to be had although these are subject to residence, status, etc.
  • True assurance of your investment

    Shares may lose their total value and bonds may be subject to a default in payment. The tangible reality of physical Gold ensures a minimum value and protects your capital. In addition, your Gold is not related to any country, bank or private company. It is owned by you.
  • A liquid investment with immediate availability

    The need for liquidity can be quickly satisfied with Gold. Worldwide recognition of Gold promotes quick sales and purchases.