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1. What is LinGOLD.com?

2. Why should I buy Gold?

3. Why is Gold an insurance of value?

4. How can I be sure of the quality of gold purchased?

5. How do I know the prices are fair?

6. Why store gold in private vaults?

7. What security measures and insurance against theft has LinGOLD.com put in place to protect assets stored in its vaults?

8. Can the Gold or Gold coins I buy be sent to my home address?  Can they be returned to LinGOLD.com for resale?

9. What security measures have been put in place to protect computer data?

10. What happens if LinGOLD S.A., the Company managing LinGOLD.com, goes bankrupt?



1. What is LinGOLD.com ?

LinGOLD.com is a website with a worldwide community of members who can freely buy and sell physical Gold to each other.

It offers a wide variety of investment quality Gold coins and bullion products which are all VAT free.

All products are exclusively sourced directly from established professional Gold suppliers such as Valcambi and all coins are graded to verify their condition and quality.  All our bullion products are “Good Delivery”.

The LinGOLD.com website provides a means for members to control their own account 24/7 and therefore buy and sell Gold within a secure Gold-focused community.  This ensures maximum resale potential whenever you need to sell because buyers are always waiting and importantly you set your selling price.

Many people think that you need a huge budget and be connected to a city trader to buy and sell Gold.  Not so.

Investing in Gold has also been perceived as elitist but LinGOLD.com addresses this problem.

Our aim is to make physical Gold investment accessible to everyone and every budget.

You do not need a fortune to start.

All you need to do is become a member for free.

Initial registration takes 1 minute and there’s no obligation to buy – JOIN NOW.

Access to your account is 24/7 in real time from anywhere you can connect to the web – at home, in the office, the garden, on holiday, etc.

Everybody is welcome – Every budget is welcome.

Indeed, we have introduced the World’s first ever Personal Savings Account in pure physical Gold – The LinGOLD Savings Plan  

  • no set up fee
  • no storage fees
  • no annual charges
  • no strings attached
  • totally flexible

This allows you to save monthly and you only need to save 1g of gold per month to start.

All your Gold is “Good Delivery” standard and all your Gold is stored for free in our Swiss vaults to protect your investment and preserve the maximum value of your savings.

You can sell some or all your Gold whenever you want – no conditions attached.  As long as you save (purchase) a minimum of gold and/or silver each month (based on the weight of precious metal you have vaulted in Switzerland within the LSP), you can keep saving and keep storing for free.

Each member has different needs and there are a number of options to suit each need.

Investment quality Gold coins are our speciality because these have an additional premium on their value which can provide extra leverage to increase your investment.

In order to decide the best option we offer a free advice service to arm you with the relevant information thus enabling an informed choice.  We are happy to receive your requests and will call at a convenient time if you wish to discuss matters in person.  Simply drop a message to us here.

We have a variety of Gold available on our site including Gold bullion, Gold bullion coins and semi-numismatic Gold coins.

You can find our brochure and coin buying guide - free to download - in the footer section of each page.  (The area coloured grey).

If you have any questions please use the Live Chat to talk to a member of the LinGOLD.com Team who will be happy to help.

LinGOLD.com provides an alternative means of saving and investing which is attracting more and more investors who have become disillusioned with the negative performance of all other traditional methods, especially after losses, growing uncertainty and increasing risks.

Physical Gold is good sense and a great investment opportunity.

Protect your wealth in Gold and protect your future.
2. Why should I buy Gold ?
  • Instability affecting all major economies means lasting recession and inflation without growth.
  • Eurozone debt crisis deepening.
  • Low interest rates will last because if they rise by 1% many homeowners would not be able to pay their mortgage and another sub-prime crisis would ensue.
  • Corruption in banks & financial institutions e.g. Barclays, RBS
  • No counterparty risk
  • You own the investment
  • It is a tangible physical asset
  • It has retained value and purchasing power for 6,000 years


Paper Currency & Certificates, Derivatives, Shares, Banks

Gold coins and Bullion stored in secured private vaults

High Counterparty risk

No Counterparty Risk

Directly linked to debt crisis & economic instability

A safe haven that improves during debt crisis & economic instability

You own a promise

You own an asset, you own your investment

Value could fall to zero

Inherent value that can never fall to zero

Lose value in a recession

Gain value in a recession

Gold has real value that has transcended the ages.  You can still buy a new Ford car with the same quantity of Gold you needed to buy a new Ford 90 years ago!

In fact currencies are constantly devaluing in real terms i.e. you can buy less and less for the same amount of “money”.

If you want to save, preserve and protect your wealth why would you do it in something that is constantly losing value?

Gold, however, has consistently proven to be a “safe haven” for wealth that in the last 10 years alone has produced a return on investment of 450%.  Apart from winning the lottery what other investment can compete?

The difference with investing in physical Gold is that it is a tangible asset that you own.  It is yours to keep and it forms no part of our company assets.  Furthermore, unlike other investments that are subject to the Sovereign debt issues, performance of funds, currency fluctuations and the integrity of a “middle man agency”, your Gold will definitely be there if you need it in the future and its value will be real.

You are free to redeem your Gold and its value whenever you wish without any penalties or catches.

Buying physical Gold is not a paper promise to pay out later if things go well; it is a purchase of something precious, in demand and available in limited quantity.

The worldwide demand for Gold is increasing far quicker than Gold can be mined.

Gold cannot be printed, artificially manufactured or simulated.  Its physical properties are unique and spectacular compared to any other metal.  This makes it highly desirable for industrial and technological applications as well as Dentistry and Jewellery.

Simple economics tells us that increased demand and decreasing supply = rise in price.


3. Why is Gold and insurance of value?
Because you want an investment that provides
  • stability
  • protection from economic crisis
  • protection against inflation
  • a potential good return
  • an alternative to the increasingly risky and underperforming traditional investments which have failed investors repeatedly and will worsen.

If you own a house you buy fire insurance just in case the unthinkable happens.  So you have wisely prepared against the risk before the event.

Do you have savings or investments?  Do you think they are at risk during the current economic crisis?  If so, why haven’t you protected them?  Before the event.

Diversify into Gold and be sure to have one investment that can cover your losses everywhere else.

Gold is an insurance of value and a preserver of purchasing power.

Now all you have to do is start! JOIN NOW

4. How can I be sure of the quality of gold purchased ?

All Gold Bullion is of “Good Delivery” standard and is sold with a certificate of origin and authenticity.

All coins come from the professional gold market are entered into the LinGOLD system.  We do not therefore accept or buy any coins from non-professional sources (all coin condition is verified by a numismatist).

We can provide documents proving the origin of Gold coins by request.

We belong to an established European Group which has valued partnerships with leading companies such as Valcambi and Gold Forex International.  Our Group created and produces the VERA VALOR 1 ounce pure gold bar-coin exclusively from Clean Extraction mines.

We only have investment quality Gold coins on our site and they all carry a premium.

So that you can assess the quality of coins for yourself, LinGOLD.com provides photos showing the front and back of coins focusing on their details.  You can therefore be sure of the coins uniqueness, authenticity and excellent quality.


5. How do I know the prices are fair ?

We do not set the prices; our members decide their selling price.

Members set their selling prices in accordance with the evolution of the Gold “spot price” which is fed into our site in real time.

Our Live Prices page not only gives you access to the actual live spot price but it also provides accurate up to date quotes on the actual market price of all of our coins.

Therefore a member can identify realistic prices relative to the price of gold and the current demand.

When comparing prices of investment quality gold coins it is important to consider:

  • their condition (professionally verified)
  • their preservation
  • their protective packaging
  • their resale value potential
  • their origin
  • their authenticity
  • their premium
  • their market
  • their security

6. Why store gold in private vaults?

LinGOLD.com uses state of the art private vaults in Geneva that have no connection with a bank. This allows greater flexibility for our members as we can now offer to meet them in our vaults by appointment. Our vaults are considered level 10 security and bank vaults are only level 8.

Our vaults are audited by independent precious metals experts ALS and a copy of their audit summary can be found here - Vault Audit



7. What security measures and insurance against theft has LinGOLD.com put in place to protect assets stored in its vaults ?

LinGOLD.com ensures members’ assets are correctly protected against theft and damage in accordance with internationally approved security standards.

There are several high security check zones before arriving at our vaults.

All Gold stored in our vaults is insured 100%.

All Gold is held in private vaults in Geneva, Switzerland


8. Can the Gold or Gold coins I buy be sent to my home address?  Can they be returned to LinGOLD.com for resale?

Gold Bullion – No – All our Gold bullion is of “Good Delivery” standard and integrity i.e. it has been sourced and always remained within the professional gold market.  Bullion that leaves the professional circuit loses integrity, value and incurs unnecessary security risks.  We believe very strongly that gold bullion as an investment should be kept safe to maximise its investment value.  Therefore we do not subscribe to personal possession.  Members may request a visit to our vaults to examine their products.  There are several considerations regarding this.  Members requiring this service should contact the LinGOLD Team for further details.

Gold Coins – No – Members are the outright owners of their coins and as such they can take personal possession of their coins although we do not recommend this because ultimately it decreases the value of your investment.  Personal possession may only be effected by virtue of the members collecting their coins from our private vaults in the Geneva Freeport.  There are several considerations regarding this.  Members requiring this service should contact the LinGOLD Team for further details.

WARNING:  We do not recommend storing your coins at home because:

  • You will need extra insurance to cover any loss or theft which is costly.
  • You may tell someone inadvertently and the information can leak out making your home more attractive to thieves.
  • You do not tell anyone but if one day you’re no longer able to tell your family, the Gold will be lost forever.
  • Additional anxiety is felt.  The risk of theft is close to 90% in some large towns/cities and crime rates are increasing because of economic hardship.  Owning Gold for investment should be a positive, worry-free feeling.
  • A proper, fixed safe at home is a far more costly investment than the storage fees we charge to keep your Gold in a state of the art vault.  Extra contents insurance would be needed (and declared) therefore people know you have Gold.
  • How long would it take to recover these additional costs?
  • How much of your investment gains would be wasted?
  • The extra costs incurred with personal possession for transport, insurance and safe keeping all devalues the investment you have made in Gold.
  • We believe in good investment that protects your wealth for the future i.e.; maximum potential, minimum costs and maximum profits.
  • Have you thought about the most important time in the life of your coin, when you sell it?  By looking after your coins yourself you will also face resale problems and numerous expenses, depreciation in value, returns refusal, resale tax and commissions. Fact: individuals selling Gold coins back to the retail Gold market will receive significantly less than the actual value of the coin (because coin dealers need to make a margin on their resale).
  • Coin dealers will offer between 96% and 98% of the spot price of Gold for your coins.  This completely ignores any premium a coin may carry.  They will often only buy back coins they have themselves sold limiting your choice to one dealer.  Depending on the sending location of coins, you may have to send multiple parcels.  For example, the British postal service limits you to £2,500 parcel value which at current prices would cover only 2 x Britannia Gold coins.
  • LinGOLD.com members sell directly to each other so there is no “middle-man” and the prices reflect current market values.



9. What security measures have been put in place to protect computer data ?

Uninterruptible power at our data centre

The security of computer data is vital to ensuring that LinGOLD’s system functions correctly.  We therefore implemented a system that provides a reliable and effective way of protecting data.

LinGOLD’s main servers are located in a private secure data centre.

These private servers are voluntarily located a good distance away from the vaults where the coins are held.  System security primarily concerns decentralising different services.  Server contents are copied in real time to other servers.  If a serious problem occurred, it would therefore be possible to restart business very quickly.  The security of these private data centres containing our servers is the best available proven by the fact they already house those of other large corporations.  The data centre assures an uninterrupted power supply at all times.

A printed paper copy of the members property register is produced every week.  A printed copy of transactions and property exchanges is produced daily to complete the paper copy of the register. These daily print outs would be used in conjunction with weekly copies of the property register if there were a catastrophic fault with the computer system.  This paper version would be perfectly consistent with members records of their statements and operations.  Using these paper documents and references on the cases of all coins, it would be possible to reattribute each coin to its rightful owner and restart business even if all computer data had been lost.


10. What happens if LinGOLD S.A., the Company managing LinGOLD.com, goes bankrupt ?

You remain the sole owner of all of your Gold and it would be attributed to you by the administrators.

If either entity, LinGOLD S.A. or LinGOLD.com, ceases operating, every single item of members’ Gold in our vaults remains their outright property.

Gold bullion and Gold Coins managed by the company are not listed as company assets.

Authorities in charge of any liquidation process would be responsible for ensuring that every deed of ownership held by members was respected.

They cannot therefore be seized to repay debts if LinGOLD.com goes bankrupt.  LinGOLD.com operates according to regulations for consignment sales: items that you have entrusted to us cannot be used to pay debts that we might have accrued.