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  • LinGold Savings Plan

1st Savings Account in physical gold and silver

  • Save from 1 gram of gold and/or one ounce Vera Silver per month
  • Secure storage in Swiss vaults – FREE*
  • No administration or signup fee
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Gradually build your wealth by simply buying each month a minimum of 1 gram of physical gold and/or one ounce Vera Silver, for your LinGOLD Savings Plan (LSP) and benefit from free* storage in Swiss vaults outside the banking system.

How to save with the LSP?

  • Connect to your LinGOLD account or create a new account
  • Signup free to the LSP programme
  • Buy each month a minimum of 1 gram of pure gold and/or one ounce Vera Silver
  • The gold you have bought is fully referenced : bar code, photograph, certificate of ownership
  • The gold is stored in a Swiss vault outside the banking system
  • You are free at any time to increase or reduce the amount of your savings, or you can unsubscribe from the LSP with no charge or prior notice.
Minimum Purchase 1g pure gold per month and/or one ounce of Vera Silver*
Maximum Threshold Unlimited
Storage Charges Free*
Signup Fee None
Availability Immediate Resale
Minimum Engagement None

*The storage charges levied on your gold stored in the LSP are FREE, on the condition that you buy a minimum of 1 gram of pure gold per calendar month, before the last day of each month. If the minimum monthly purchase is not made, storage charges will be applied, currently £4 per month per 200g total weight of gold stored or £4 per month per 2kg total weight of silver stored. 

What are the products that fall within the LSP?

  • All the fractions of pure gold (1 g, 10 g, 100 g) issued from bars or gold investment coins (Britannia, Sovereign, Napoleon 20F, Napoleon 10F, Panda, Vera Valor, etc)
  • A whole coin : Vera Valor 1 ounce
  • A 1kg bar of pure gold
  • One  ounce Vera Silver
  • Batch of 10 Vera Silver one ounce
  • Batch of 100 Vera Silver one ounce
  • Batch of 1000 Vera Silver one ounce
Sign up for the LSP for free