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Summary of Charges

  Creation of account




Buy commission



Sell commission

trait1 1%   

Vault storage charges


Or : €5/month per 200g stored

Silver : €5/month per 2kg stored


Dedicated Vault

trait2   Contact us  

LSP product storage

trait2 Free if minimum purchase of 1g of pure gold/month  

Bank transfer 


Deposit :  Charge fee of 10€ 

Repaid account : Charge fee of 30€ 


Gift or transfer of property

trait2   Free for the donor member if the recipient is not already a member, otherwise 2%       2 months free storage offered for the donor  

Transfer of property and title in case of death

trait2  €100  

Vault visit

trait2 €250 - by arrangement only and minimum holding, length of membership applies*  

Collection at Vault

trait1 €250  by special arrangement and conditions apply*  

Cost of a personalised audit by a Swiss legal officer

trait1   €450  

Personalised investment propositions

trait1 Free  

Investment advice

trait2  Free  

Real time live prices

  Personalised engraving of 1 Oz Vera Valor trait1 



Change of address and account details

trait1  Free  

Downloading title deed

trait2 Free  

Account closure

trait2   Free  

* extra personnel and special security arrangements are required