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  • Vera Valor clean extraction

Vera Valor 1 ounce
Demi-Vera Valor

A unique investment product

  • Pure Gold 999‰ minimum
    Falls in the category of investment Gold. No VAT payable.
  • Unforgeable
    A unique serial number on each coin.
  • Innovative and unique
    A flashable QR code on the reverse side guarantees authenticity.
  • Created from "Clean Extraction" Gold
    The "Clean Extraction" charter protects the environment during mining and production.
  • Universal
    The word ounce is translated into multiple languages and the quality is "Good Delivery". It is recognised in all international markets.
  • Quality guaranteed
    Struck in Switzerland bearing a hallmark of Valcambi or Allgemeine, they are recognised by the LBMA guaranteeing its quality and origin.

Benefit from tax efficiency

The Vera Valor and the Demi-Vera Valor are considered by tax authorities to be investment Gold. As noted in European Directive 98/80/CE of 12th October 1998, investment Gold is not subject to VAT.

LSPFree storage available!

The Vera Valor and Demi-Vera Valor are the only whole coins accepted in the LinGOLD Savings Plan (LSP). You can benefit from free storage in our Swiss vaults provided the monthly minimum purchase of gold and/or silver is made (based on the weight of precious metal vaulted in Switzerland). 

For more information on the LSP, click here.

Fineness 999.9‰ pure Gold 999‰ pure Gold
Minted Switzerland Switzerland
Gold Origin Newmont Mine, Clean Extraction Recycled Gold, Clean Extraction
Quality Proof Proof
Hallmark Metalor Metalor
Weight 31.103g 15.555g
Diameter 32mm 26mm
Thickness 2mm 1.6mm
Edge Reeded Reeded
Producer LinGOLD.com & AuCOFFRE.com LinGOLD.com & AuCOFFRE.com

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