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  • Why LinGold?

How does the LinGOLD.com community work?

Today, LinGOLD.com is part of a community of over 15,000 members who have chosen to place their confidence, and indeed their investments in Gold and Silver, in our secure Swiss vaults.

Thanks to our platform, LinGOLD.com (along with the others in the group), this community is able to actively buy and sell in total simplicity and security.

Our members are able to use the platform themselves, or helped by our friendly team of advisors.

You are also able to become part of this community. Subscription is free and for any amount of time.

How to buy and sell through LinGOLD.com?

Having subscribed for free then credited an amount of money, the member can:

How to buy and sell

The LinGOLD.com guarantees

Buy and sell in real-time Gold coins and bullion


  • Held in the member's name. A certificate of ownership is given to each member.
  • 100% allocated Gold, exclusive to the member not forming part of LinGOLD.com's assets.
  • Vaults regularly audited by specialist precious metals auditor ALS.


  • All products are sourced exclusively from the professional Gold market.
  • Every coin is verified, treated and classified by our numismatist and packaged for perfect conservation until resale.
  • LinGOLD.com guarantees the authenticity and origin of every product. There is no risk of fraud or fake coins.


  • Secure vault storage outside of the European Union in Switzerland.
  • Storage outside of the banking system to protect against bank failures or state confiscation.
  • Total anonymity assured by the use of account pseudonyms.
  • Guaranteed solvency of purchasers.


  • Each product is individually stored in sealed and numbered packaging.
  • At resale, it is possible to supply proof of the price and date of purchase.
  • All Gold products are investment quality and VAT-free.
  • Additional Capital Gains Tax (CGT) efficiencies for UK taxpayers.


  • Accessible to all budgets. Minimum purchase of only 1g Gold per month.
  • Free subscription, no fixed term and no fees to leave.
  • Storage charges calculated on weight and not on value.
  • Our dedicated advisors provide free advice for all our members.